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Get ready to join the world’s most popular Piano tile game today! Magic Tiles 3 is one of the most fun and challenging Piano games. And wiith over 80 million players from different parts of the world. Challenge yourself to tons of musical notes and pieces. Then see if you can hit the right keys at the right time! Practice playing the Piano on Magic Tiles 3 online. And you can learn to play as many songs as you like.

Magic Tiles 3 contains a large musical catalog that contains music from different artists, genre, and year. There are new songs added every year to keep up with the latest hits and freshest tracks! You can play the top songs from the Billboard charts on Magic Tiles 3 games. Just make sure that you update the game on your device. Then have new songs reflected immediately in your catalog.


Get The Magic Tiles 3 Game on PC!

Although originally designed for mobile play, you can now get a Magic Tiles 3 download for PC here! This app is unblocked for PC use. This means that you can now enjoy this challenging Piano game on your PC as well! Play your favorite songs and unlock new challenges and hits as you improve your skills and talents in playing the Piano. The game is tricky – you have to make sure that you can tap the right keys at the right time to earn points and bonus rewards!



Play in Band Mode, Battle Mode, or Challenge Mode

If you are a hardcore Pianist, you can go for Battle Mode. Where you can challenge other Piano players of Magic Tiles 3 from different parts of the world! Remember that there are over 80 million players of Magic Tiles 2019 online. So there are plenty of other players to face off against.

Most importantly, you can play Magic Tiles 3 on Challenge Mode! This is your chance to climb up the game’s global rankings and leaderboards. So make sure your fingers are flexible enough to go along with the notes and melodies on the Piano tile. Play the most complicated songs to gain more points, bonuses, and rewards!

If you want a bit of a challenge on Band Mode, then you don’t have to worry. Band Mode also has a Custom Match feature. Here you can select a friend or another random player to perform on a Battle of the Bands against you! Who would be the bigger rockstar? Find out when you play Magic Tiles 3 Band Mode.


Magic Tiles 3 Classical Pieces and Modern Hits!

Magic Tiles 3 is complete with classical Piano hits that are very familiar to thousands of people around the world. These classical Piano pieces are great to play if you want to improve your foundations in playing the Piano. There are also classic nursery rhymes and folk songs that you can practice on if you want something more simple, to begin with.

And of course, if you update your game regularly, you will be able to play new tracks and hits once in a while. If you are good and fast enough, you can even play the most popular pop songs of this generation!


Play the Piano and Other Musical Instruments

Magic Tiles 3 is not just limited to Piano notes and keys. It also combines various instruments to create the best harmony and melody – just like in a real live band. A special version of the game comes complete with accompanying sounds of drums, guitars, and other background instruments to enhance your gameplay. Of course, the Piano will still be primarily played by YOU!

Combining various instruments aside from the Piano on Magic Tiles 3 games is available on Band Mode. While your main instrument in the game is the Piano, you can also opt to play the Guitar or Drums when you choose this game mode.


Sync Your Progress to Facebook and Earn Daily Rewards

You will never lose your progress if you connect your game account to Facebook! Whether you play on mobile or PC, you can just continue where you last left off and improve your progress from there. You can enjoy playing the most wonderful music on any device. As long as you sync your progress on Facebook. You can even challenge your friends to Battle or Challenge Mode, and see who would be the best Pianist in town!

Aside from playing music, you can also participate in Treasure Hunts to receive daily rewards and bonuses that you can use on Battle and Challenge Modes! You can get gift boxes on your Treasure Hunt and open them as gifts. Download Magic Tiles 3 2019 to start your musical journey! Play the latest hits and become a Piano master in your own right. Then check out other popular Music Games such as SuperStar JYPNATION and SuperStar SMTown!

Game Features

  • Play tons of songs, including the latest hits!
  • Play in Band Mode, Battle Mode or Challenge Mode!
  • Join treasure hunts to get gifts.
  • Compete against friends and other players online.
  • Keep updated for new songs and music!

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Magic Tiles 3 Screenshot

Get The Magic Tiles 3 Download for PC | Free Game, Online